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SEI Software Group makes it easy to automate your business. We work with sales leadership, analysts, researchers or HR, to deliver custom Microsoft Access, Excel or Tableau solutions. We help you get to the details that ERP and enterprise solutions typically can't, allowing your business to run faster and more accurately. Partner or outsource with SEI and we can help automate those routine tasks and reduce the enormous amount of hours collecting information, preparing reports and dashboards, merging data, distributing files or re-creating information, all while maintaining data accuracy and integrity. 

Most importantly, we make the process easy by providing a full service experience, including understanding your needs, project management, working closely with clients during execution and training users on the solution.

We have been delivering Microsoft VBA solutions to the mid-size and Fortune 500 marketplace for over 20 years.  Whatever your needs are we can simplify your process using our business experience combined with our expertise in Microsoft Access and Excel VBA automation.

Solutions and Services

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SEI Software Group delivers custom software solutions which allow your business to run easier, more accurate, better informed and more productive. We provide software which automates many of the routine and complex tasks which consume employee time. We have over 20 years and 1,000's of users running applications we developed. Our solutions typically range between $3,000 and $100,000. Browse the below categories to see the broad array of solutions we provide.

Going Over Data

Sales Solutions

Help sales leadership collect results, forecast, plan, analyze and turn sales data into information and action.

Adult Education Course

HR and Finance Solutions

Help track employee analytics and training plans, financial analytics, budgeting and reporting.

Brand Strategy

Business Process Solutions

Every business has processes which can be automated to increase productivity, improve quality and reduce costs.

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