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Solution Guide and Pricing

Simple Excel Automation

Automate those routine weekly or monthly manual tasks. Whether it is importing and combining multiple Excel files, creating a couple reports, automating pivot tables, or just simple Excel navigation. You will be more productive with our elegant solutions. Our team of Excel VBA experts can typically help you for under $2,500.

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Simple Access Database Solution

SEI Software Group can help you design and build a Microsoft Access database solution that will meet your information needs in an elegant and intuitive framework. Pricing depends on how many data sources, user interfaces and reports required, but we can usually find a way to meet your budgeting needs. We can often provide a starter database solution for around $3,000.

Large Excel Automation Solution

Many business leaders prefer Excel as a core business solution because of user familiarity and powerful features. SEI Software Group can help you design and build a beautiful Excel solution for your business, whether it is for a single user, a group of users or hundreds of users. We are very experienced in Excel VBA code and build distributed Excel solutions that can be rolled up into regional and enterprise wide results. Sales forecast rollups for example. Contact us to discuss how to get started.

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Access Database Solution

Our team can help you design and deploy an Access database solution for nearly any business process. Whether you have a lot of imported data, complex output, security concerns or many users, we can affordably work through the best solution for your needs. Many customers combine an Access data solution and the familiar Excel output for the most robust functionality. Ask us for details.


SEI Software Group can train your users on Excel or Access in your office or over a video connection. Many companies need users to learn specific functions, like Excel pivot tables and pivot charts, sorting or even simple VBA automation. We also teach basic or intermediate Access skills so your users can get the most out of their software. Contact us for a customized training course for your teams. Pricing starts at $3,000.

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