SEI Reporting Services

Let us build and deliver your information just as you need it


Understand Your Information Needs

Step 1

In the consulting industry, each situation is unique and requires a specific set of solutions. We work hard to make sure our clients reach their information goals by understanding their needs, then determining the sources of information, frequency of updates, 3rd party sources, etc. Similar to a blue print for a home, we work together to develop the roadmap for an information system. We then develop Access and/or Excel tools to meet the client's expectations and preferences. Finally, we develop a process for us generating the information on a recurring basis.

Blueprint Design
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Develop the Tools

Step 2

We work with the client to build a detailed scope of the user interface, data tables, imports, exports, outputs and reporting needs. Our agile development process provides client interaction throughout the development cycle.

Provide Continuous Information

Step 3

Once the tools are developed and data is validated and confirmed, SEI Software will generate the information for the client at regular intervals. This continuous information partnership helps our clients control costs of recruiting and training new employees and allows for consistent information flow.

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