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Improve Productivity, Increase Quality, Reduce Costs

SEI Software Group Can Automate Many Areas of Your Business

Using Microsoft Access, Excel, VBA and Tableau

Simple, Elegant and Intuitive Software Solutions

Sales Forecasting and Customer Planning

Help sales leadership collect results, forecast, plan and turn sales data and customer plans into information and action. We can automate the forecast files for each salesperson and use our unique data roll-up techniques to merge the data for managers, region and executive.

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Business Process Automation

Most all businesses have manual or outdated processes that need improving. These processes are  probably costing your company time, quality and money. SEI Software Group can automate easy or complex processes using Microsoft technologies that will make your business run faster, less costly and more accurate.

HR and Finance Solutions

Reduce repetitive, manual tasks in your budgeting processes by automating the collection of information from users around the world and rolling the Excel files up into summary and final versions. 
Improve your employee practices by properly automating your records or tracking employee training history.
Improve your information by automating your financial reporting and analysis.

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Sales Analysis

Reduce the manual tasks involved with running sales reports. We automate the import and merging of data sources, provide tools to maintain user values and tables, and run and export and email reporting packages. We also export to Excel for fine-tuning the look and feel of the reporting packages.

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